TTTU Dry Vacuum Unit

//TTTU Dry Vacuum Unit

TTTU Dry Vacuum Unit

TTU vacuum systems are distinguished by their compact footprint, mobility and industrial strength. The 2000 Series system is diesel powered and mounted on a skid package.

TTTU’s vacuum systems use industry standard size motors and pumps, yet an innovative filtration system affords industrial power compressed into a fraction of the system footprint – Powerful and Compact!

This new innovation has also made the process safer and the operation easier, bringing it into the customer environment and removing the necessity for licensed third party intervention.

Safety was an important factor in the design of the new system. TTTU systems eliminate personnel exposure and reduce operator risk due to the lesser CFM rate.

The TTTU high performance vacuum system can be utilized where restricted space is available for maneuvering of industrial vacuum tankers. Triton’s portable high performance vacuum systems reduce operations costs and reduce the timeframes of downtime operations where vacuum services are required.


Product Description


  • Intense cleaning power and a lot more-fume removal
  • Liquid spill pickup
  • Hazardous and recyclable goods collection,
  • Bulk material conveying


  • Sound Attenuated
  • 2000 CFM Liquid Ring Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump
  • Easy Operation
  • 27” Hg Vacuum
  • Emergency Shut-Downs
  • Low Maintenance
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Skid Tare Weight 9,500 lbs.