The emergence of the Petrochemical industry and the associated cooling towers has spawned the need for cooling tower cleaning and maintenance.

The current practice is to pump out the free water, after which the concentrated sludge/slurry is removed/transferred using vacuum tankers into to storage boxes for transport to the designated disposal site.

This process is slow and tedious and requires that the cooling tower be pumped out and shut down to facilitate the operation.

While Tiger Tanks Trinidad Unlimited maintains a comprehensive stock of the equipment and the in house technical and support staff to execute such projects, we are in the process of procuring the necessary equipment to execute In situ cooling tower cleaning, i.e. during the normal operation of the cooling towers.

The process encompasses the use of vacuum tankers, pumps, storage tanks, dewatering tanks (see below) and polishing filters.

The basic concept of the operation is to extricate the sludge from the bottom of the basin. The sludge will then be fed into a vacuum assisted dewatering tank consisting of a stainless steel retainer support screen topped with filter fabric with the desired opening size (< 100 microns).

All particles greater than 100 microns would be retained in the dewatering tank while the filtrate from this process would be pumped through a polishing (< 60 microns) before re-entering the cooling tower basin.